SGP WSR88D Reflectivity Loops for Summer 1997 IOP

As provided by Mike Splitt (University of Utah)


These SGP WSR88D MPEG files are collections of displays created from WATADS Version 10. The WSR-88D Algorithm Testing and Display System (WATADS) is a product of the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) and consists of many special meteorological computer programs ("algorithms") which process, analyze, and display WSR-88D data. WATADS was created for Scientific Operations Officers within the National Weather Service, NEXRAD agencies and universities in collaborative agreement with a NEXRAD agency. WATADS processes WSR-88D Level II data. Data was made available to the ARM program from the National Climatic Data Center via NSSL, the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Mesocale Meteorological Studies, and the NOAA Coopertive Institute for Regional Prediction.

The images created from WATADS in the following files contain displays of the radar measured reflectivity from the lowest radar elevation angle (approximately .5 degrees). The image seen above is a "snapshot" of the displays which make up the mpeg movies.

Questions about the data can be sent to Mike Splitt ( .

File name convention

The filenames have the pattern: "sgpwsr88DxxxX1.a1.[yyyymmdd].[hhmmss].mpg"

MPEG Files