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Description of External Projects Covering ARM sites

Data Contacts
Project Organization Description
Contact Name
Contact Phone
ARM Contact
Received Data
Gl obal Land Cover Test Site (GLCTS) NASA Landsat Pathfinder Program
The Global Land Cover Test Sites compiles time-series data sets of Landsat ( MSS and TM) and NOAA AVHRR data for selected sites that have been the subject of long term research and monitoring.< /td> Mike Struck 605-594-6116 Doug Sisterson Alice Cialella yes
Land Surface Processes and Interactions Mission (LSPIM) European Space Agency Study the land surface processes (eg. energy and water fluxes and biomedical fluxes) and their interaction with the atmosphere using the hyper-spectral imaging instrument referred to as PRISM, for Processed research by Imag ing Space Mission. Claire Jacobs 31 317 474779 Doug Sisterson Alice Cialella no
Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectr ometer (MODIS) USGS (grant awarded by NASA in 1997) Validation of MODIS surface relectance, fAPAR and LAI over the North America n Grasslands Dave Meyer 301-286-2111 Alice Cialella no
Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) JPL
EROS Data Center
Collabrative research with the Nature Conservancy and their Tallgrass Prairi e Preserve. (ARM site EF-12 is on the preserve.) Dave Meyer 605-594-6046 Alice Cialella ye s
Multispectral Therma l Imager (MTI) DOE
ARM sites regularly collected for ground truthing John Szymanski 505-665-9 371 Alice Cialella ye s