XDC Operations Tasks (rev. 2010-05-04)

Task Descriptions Who Effort [FTE-days] Priority Comments
Planning and coordination Rick and Alice 96 high
Documentation, presentations reports All 72 high
Field Campaign (IOP) final data processing: Verify, document, and move data to iop.archive.arm.gov Alice, Rick, Kathy 120 high Supported by Engineering (Metadata&IOP support)
Daily review of logs of automated collections and ingests Lynn 48 high
Interface with ARM participants and external data sources All 60 high
Obtain missing data or determine why lost Lynn, Alice, Laurie 42 high
Fix problems with ingests (shared with Engineering) Laurie, Lynn, Alice, Min, Alison ? high
Find sources for newly identified data needs Rick, Alice 12 med Attend WG meetings to learn what is needed, typically charged to Engineering
Create and distribute notification and release forms for external data streams (with Engineering) Lynn, Laurie, Alice, Rick 12 high
Perform necessary reprocessing or back processing Lynn, Laurie, and Alice 96 high Reprocessing on reproc2.archive or c1.xdc mostly performed by Lynn for expediency.
Keep system patches up-to-date Bill, Rick 6 high
Sysadmin (system configuration, user acct. management, network access control) Bill, Rick 18 med
DB admin Lynn 18 med
Web admin Min, Rick 18 high supported in part by engineering Web Apps task
Backups Bill, Alison 12 high
Upgrade COTS software (Sybase, IDL, Terascan, Legato Networker, Google Search Appliance, Sun Compilers, ARC/INFO, Erdas Imagine) as required Alice, Alison, Laurie 18 low license costs are split between operations and engineering, they should probably ALL be operations, because even if they are development tools (IDL, compilers) providing and maintaining a development environment should be an operations task
Upgrade in-house software (Zebra, BW, site transfer) as required Laurie and Rick 24 med
File DQRs and DQPRs on problems with data streams and missing data All 6 high
Database/Web support for ARM operations (IMMS, DQPR, SARS...) Kathy,Min 97 high
Create Monthly Statistics: Data Transfer, Web, database Lynn, Alison, Kathy,Min

Collect NCDC and NWS data (quarterly) Alice 6 med
CSPHOT and SuomiNet Monitoring Laurie, Lynn, Rick 65 high